Quick Announcement

All of the Jesse and Sadie puppies are sold. We are moving on to the Roxy litter. Be watching for new puppy selection videos for Roxy’s pups. The Blenheim Male and Black Female pups have already been matched to families. We will be focusing on the Solid Sable girl, Black/White boy, and the 2 Sable/White boys.


Please send me an email if you would like to be included in the selection process for the Roxy pups. So far I have the following people:

Donna M
Jackie P
Kimberly M
Desiree O
Michelle H
Julie L

If you are on the waiting list and you are interested in a Roxy pup, but I don’t have you on this list, kindly send me an email and let me know you’re interested. If you are on this list but want to pass on the Roxy pups, send me an email for that as well.


Please send the email directly to the above email. If you simply reply to this blog post email (for those that get my posts via email), it will post as a comment on the blog instead of emailing me directly. I need all communication via email to not have anyone slip through the cracks.

Thanks and looking forward to working with each of you on the Roxy litter.

(A note to those not on the waiting list…There may be a pup available from the Roxy litter after I talk with everyone on my waiting list. You never know!)

Managing the Waiting List

I thought I would share a recent exchange of emails because I think it perfectly represents the complexity of the puppy selection process!

I love all your questions, but I don’t always have black and white answers when it comes to predicting puppy selection because there are SO MANY variables!

This was a very typical email conversation during this stage of puppy selection. Enjoy!

Hi ________
I don’t know why, but this is the only email I can find from you. Please remind me about your puppy preferences, timeline, and any other details about what you’re looking for in a puppy. I want to be sure I don’t skip anyone in the puppy selection process.

Hi Kristy, just saw all the updates this morning. We’d like to look seriously at Roxy’s girls. The black one in particular. Thank you!

Hi _____,
The black girl has already been matched to Cindy H who was #12 on the waiting list. I’ll be in touch very soon to let you know what puppies are available. I have 2 families ahead of you at this time that are still deciding.

Thanks so much for the feedback and for staying in close communication. It makes the process go more quickly and much more smoothly.

Just caught that! I had already named her socks in my head. 😉 Boo.

I know you’re busy so when you get a chance, no rush, can you tell me what number we would be for Jazzy’s litter?

A few more questions:
1. The golden girl from Jazzy’s litter was described as tiny. Is it too early to presume she’ll be on the smaller side?
2. What’s the size range for Paige’s litter and what color pups does she normally produce?
3. If we had to move to Paige’s litter, do you think we would be competing with the Fall timeframe people on the waiting list ahead of us?

Thanks and you have my sympathy managing the list!

Hi _____
Golden girl will probably be from 14-16 lbs as an adult. Maybe 13 lbs. she has filled out nicely since birth and isn’t so dramatically small any longer.

Paige litter will be from 13-17lbs as adults. She was bred to our smallest male Sammy, who is 14 lbs. he is black/tan so we could get ANY of the colors.

I don’t consider August “fall”. Paige will deliver at the very end of May or very beginning of June. That will make her puppies ready in late July or early August. I think “fall” means September/October. Of course people do change their minds or make arrangements especially if they finally see “their perfect puppy”, so it’s very difficult to know exactly how the chips will fall, so to speak.

I’ll show you the waiting list I’m working from with my notes.

SW=sable/white. B=black. BW=black/whiteF=female. M=male.
Circle means I’m checking with them for Roxy litter. “X” means pass on Roxy litter. Checkmark means matched with a Roxy pup. This same process will happen with the Daisy litter, then the Jazzy litter next, then the Paige litter when the time comes.

Where your turn comes up depends completely on what Diane, Donna, Kristen, Jackie decide. I’m constantly updating it and rewriting it as things change, people are matched to pups, etc. I add notes from emails because things change all the time and I can’t possibly remember all these details without writing it down!!

Your sympathies are much appreciated because the process can be so complex sometimes, especially if people don’t respond almost immediately or at least the same day to my questions or posts about available puppies. I can always tell who has been watching and reading every detail and who hasn’t!

Probably the hardest part of the whole process is the wait. Thanks for your patience and involvement with the process! I like when people talk to me because then I know exactly what they want and when!



And for example, if Paige has a SW F, likely Diane will take it. If she has 2, then Kristen will probably take the 2nd one. So it’s really hard to know where you would be right now for the Paige litter because I have no idea what colors/genders will come out specifically. I can only look at her and think to myself “That looks like a 5-6 puppy belly. Please be a litter of all SW females, a few tri color, and a Solid Sable for Kat!” But they could all come out mis-marked like the Jesse girls. You just never know!

Hopefully that gives a little I sight I to the process. I do my very best to help everyone find the right puppy for their family 🙂

Please Communicate Via email!

Social media is a wonderful thing but it gets really hard to keep things in order if communication is coming at us from several sources. I’d like to ask that all questions about puppy availability, and all communication, especially from those on the waiting list, comes via email and not comments on the blog posts or PM’s on Facebook.

We get so many emails daily, and since the waiting list must be kept in a very detailed and orderly manner, it will just make things so much easier for us if you all will send emails with your questions and comments!

Thanks so much for your cooperation and for trying to make our job a little easier!

Our email is silverpawcavachons@gmail.com

Available Sable & White Puppy

We thought she had a home, but the family was not able to get her right now. This sweet girl is ready to go home any time. She is very friendly and has a wonderful personality. She is playful and sweet and there are videos with her in them on our Facebook group.

Please send an email to silverpawcavachons@gmail.com for info.




Let Me Hear From You!

The following people have a shot at the Roxy Litter. I have posted their first videos on FB today. Here is a picture of them sleeping like little hot dogs!!


L-R Sable/White M, Blenheim M, Black F, Solid Sable F, Sable/White M, Black/White M

The following people need to let me know if they want more info about these pups, or if they’d like to pass on this litter. I need to hear from each of you via email.

#3 Lesley, TX
#7 Donna M
#12 Cindy H
#13 Lola (she’s getting the Blenheim M)
#15 Barbara E
#18 Linda J
#23 Julie L

If I have not listed you, but you are currently on the waiting list and would like info about Roxy’s litter, kindly just let me know.

Puppies Gone Home & Updates

We sent 2 puppies home today, both to the Seattle area. They traveled together, which is always nice!


We also matched the 2nd black/white female (the pup with the most black) from Sadie’s litter to a family in New Jersey and she will travel home next Friday.

That leaves just one pup still available from Sadie’s litter. She is in a video on FB with a sable/white girl. The sable/white pup is still available only to the waiting list, but the black/white pup is available to all.

I also posted a video of Roxy’s litter and we are working with just the waiting list on that litter as well.

As everyone is planning and looking at their timelines, here is a breakdown of when the current litters are ready to go home. The first date is the 8 week old day, and the last date is the 13 week old day. The puppies can go home anytime time between those 2 dates. Remember that any puppy held longer than 8 weeks is automatically considered an Accelerated Puppy and additional charges will apply.

Sadie’s Litter May 27-July 1
Black/White Female

Roxy’s Litter June 14-July 19
Solid Sable F
Black F
Blenheim M (Lola’s Pup)
Black/White M
Sable/White M
Sable/White M

Daisy’s Litter June 16-July 21
Sable/White Female

Jazzy’s Litter July 14-August 18
Golden F
Solid Sable F
Sable/White M
Blenheim M
Golden M

We also have the Paige Litter due in June.

All of these puppies have been pictured or in a video at least once on our FB page.

Most are available only to the waiting list, unless I have specifically mentioned that a puppy is available to all.

Please remember to inquire via email only. silverpawcavachons@gmail.com

Look! These Two Are Still Available!!

Well, we have exhausted the waiting list and these two girls are still available for adoption. If there is anyone watching on the sidelines who is ready to bring home a puppy, we want to hear from you!! These girls are ready to go home next week and they are adorable and fun!!

In this first photo, it is just the puppy with the white face on the left. The puppy on the right is already adopted.


Both of these girls are available for adoption.


Here they are again!


These are pictures when they were a bit younger.



The one with a patch over her right eye…we have been calling her “Patches”.

There are videos of this litter (Jesse’s Litter) on our Facebook page called Silver Paw Kennels.

If you are interested in these girls, please fill out the “Waiting List Request Form” found under the “Purchase A Puppy” link here on the website.