Look! These Two Are Still Available!!

Well, we have exhausted the waiting list and these two girls are still available for adoption. If there is anyone watching on the sidelines who is ready to bring home a puppy, we want to hear from you!! These girls are ready to go home next week and they are adorable and fun!!

In this first photo, it is just the puppy with the white face on the left. The puppy on the right is already adopted.


Both of these girls are available for adoption.


Here they are again!


These are pictures when they were a bit younger.



The one with a patch over her right eye…we have been calling her “Patches”.

There are videos of this litter (Jesse’s Litter) on our Facebook page called Silver Paw Kennels.

If you are interested in these girls, please fill out the “Waiting List Request Form” found under the “Purchase A Puppy” link here on the website.

Puppy Selection Sadie’s Litter Begins Next Week

We almost have the Jesse litter matched with their forever families, so we’re moving forward and want to show you the Sadie Litter!

This litter is 3 black/white female puppies. They are currently 6 weeks old and they will be ready to go home May 27-June 2 for 8 week old puppies and July 1-7 for Accelerated Puppies. Of course, puppies can go home anytime between those dates as well as partially Accelerated puppies, and we can talk about those details.

If you have already let me know that 1-you want a Fall puppy, or 2-you ONLY want a male puppy, I am already planning to pass over your name on the waiting list.

But if you are not in either of those categories and you are on the waiting list, I need to hear from you regarding this litter because I don’t want to assume anything and be wrong! So if you still aren’t ready and the dates for bringing one of these puppies home does not fit into your timeline, or they are not the color or size that you are hoping to get, please drop me a note letting me know you want to pass on this litter.

But if you have ANY interest in these puppies at all, please let me know and I will include you in my communication for this litter.

Either way, I need to know.

Also, for your planning, we have Roxy’s litter coming up which has 6 puppies, a black female, solid sable female, black/white male, and 2 sable/white males. They are 3 1/2 weeks old and will be ready for their new homes from June 14-July 19.

And we have a litter due any day from Jazzy (her last litter was all sable/white!).

I hope this helps everyone as they plan to bring their puppy home. Videos of Sadie’s litter will be posted on Facebook shortly.

Please email with any questions.