Available Blenheim Male

I am letting everyone on the waiting list know there is a Blenheim male puppy ready for adoption.

In the last few emails I’ve sent out, I’ve receive 50% response at best, so I am going to try something different.

I am letting you ALL know this puppy is ready to go home this coming week. If he is not placed in our Accelerated Puppy program, he needs to go home by next Friday, May 15 at the latest. If this does not work for your timeline of bringing your puppy home, please let me know you’ll pass on him or simply don’t say anything.

But if this DOES work for you, and you want a blenheim male puppy, and you like his personality, please send me an email and we will make a decision this week.

I have uploaded 4 new videos of him on our FB page. Please check those out and then contact me if you’re interested in him. It doesn’t matter if you’re #20 on the list. If I don’t hear from anyone else ahead of you, this puppy could be yours!

As I do hear from people, I will go in the order of the Waiting List. So nothing has actually changed except I am putting this announcement out to everyone instead of just to those in the top 10.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you all! Enjoy the videos on Facebook, Silver Paw Kennels. Thanks!