More Waiting List Updates

As of this morning, the Waiting List is current! Please use the following info to more clearly detect where you are on the list, because #11 (for example) does not always mean the 11th person in line to choose a puppy.

At the end of each name is a bit of reference info.

Those that say “Summer 2015” are the people ready to choose a pup from our current litters.

Those that say “Fall 2015” are the families that still need to wait before they can bring a puppy home and I will check with them again when future puppies are born.

Those that just say “Future Litter” or don’t have any specifics are the families that I have not heard from yet. I really need to hear from ALL families ASAP, so please get in touch if I don’t have you down for a Summer or Fall puppy.

If you have any questions about your placement on the list, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

I will be adding new pictures soon! The puppies are all doing very well!


I’m sorry, but I have to share this. I just asked that people don’t leave a comment on the thread. Immediately, someone left this comment and I have no idea who this is. Maybe you can send an email to clarify who you are so I can indeed remove your name from the waiting list. This is frustrating.


Calling Everyone On The Waiting List


We have puppies and upcoming puppies and I need to know how to plan!

While the waiting list is deep, we do have 11 puppies with 3 more litters on the way, so I won’t be surprised if almost everyone gets a puppy by August or sooner!

I need to know if a summer puppy is in your timeline? I also need to know if it is not.

I want to hear from EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the waiting list so I can figure out who is ready and who needs to wait till Fall 2015.

Also, if you sent a deposit and you don’t see your name on the waiting list in the sidebar of the website, I need to hear from you too!

And finally…

I also need to hear from everyone that I just sent an email to (please double check your emails). Please respond via email. It is too difficult to manage communication sprinkled across several social media platforms. Please use email to talk with me about your puppy timeline.


Thanks and looking forward to touching base with all of you soon.

(And those that have been in contact with me, THANK YOU! It makes this part of the process so much easier)

Getting on the Waiting List

Several of you have left comments on the recent posts telling us you’d like to get on the waiting list. You’ll need to send us an email. There is a link on the website that says “Contact Us”. Please use that to send an email and we will respond!

You can also fill out the “Waiting List Request” form by clicking on the Purchase a Puppy link on the site. Both of those will work to send us an email that we will then respond to.

Thanks so much!

Colors and Genders

We have 11 Cavachon puppies in the following colors and genders.

Sable & White Females = 3

Sable & White Males = 3

Black & White Females = 3

Blenheim Male = 1

Black Male = 1

Again, these puppies are available first, to those ALREADY ON the waiting list!

If you’d like to get your name on the waiting list, please fill out the waiting list request form first, then give us a call.

I will post pictures of all the new puppies this weekend.

Spring Puppies Have Arrived

We have little furballs, finally! There are 11 lovely puppies that have been born recently and will be ready in about 7-8 weeks to go to their new homes!

If you’re on the waiting list, specifically if you’re in the top 15, I need to hear from you to find out if the timeline for these litters fits into your timeline for bringing a puppy home. If it does, then we will talk about gender and color details, but if it doesn’t, I need to know that you want to pass on these current litters.

These puppies will be ready from May 15th for 8 week old puppies, through July 1st for Accelerated puppies.

Here is a quick look at the oldest of the new babies. These are both boys. We have both males and females and I will post their pictures soon!