Calling Everyone On The Waiting List


We have puppies and upcoming puppies and I need to know how to plan!

While the waiting list is deep, we do have 11 puppies with 3 more litters on the way, so I won’t be surprised if almost everyone gets a puppy by August or sooner!

I need to know if a summer puppy is in your timeline? I also need to know if it is not.

I want to hear from EVERY SINGLE PERSON on the waiting list so I can figure out who is ready and who needs to wait till Fall 2015.

Also, if you sent a deposit and you don’t see your name on the waiting list in the sidebar of the website, I need to hear from you too!

And finally…

I also need to hear from everyone that I just sent an email to (please double check your emails). Please respond via email. It is too difficult to manage communication sprinkled across several social media platforms. Please use email to talk with me about your puppy timeline.


Thanks and looking forward to touching base with all of you soon.

(And those that have been in contact with me, THANK YOU! It makes this part of the process so much easier)

One response to “Calling Everyone On The Waiting List

  1. Hi. I am Ann Jonas and I was on your waiting list for a tricolor puppy but then took myself off because we are not ready yet.

    We are still not ready yet, but I want to stay in your list so that when the time comes in 2016, I will be at the top of the list! Does that make sense? I hope so, and I hope you still have my check for a deposit…but if you destroyed it, I understand that too.

    Long story short – I want to stay on your waiting list but will need to pass on these puppies.

    Thank you!


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