More Waiting List Updates

As of this morning, the Waiting List is current! Please use the following info to more clearly detect where you are on the list, because #11 (for example) does not always mean the 11th person in line to choose a puppy.

At the end of each name is a bit of reference info.

Those that say “Summer 2015” are the people ready to choose a pup from our current litters.

Those that say “Fall 2015” are the families that still need to wait before they can bring a puppy home and I will check with them again when future puppies are born.

Those that just say “Future Litter” or don’t have any specifics are the families that I have not heard from yet. I really need to hear from ALL families ASAP, so please get in touch if I don’t have you down for a Summer or Fall puppy.

If you have any questions about your placement on the list, don’t hesitate to send us an email.

I will be adding new pictures soon! The puppies are all doing very well!