Puppies Gone Home & Updates

We sent 2 puppies home today, both to the Seattle area. They traveled together, which is always nice!


We also matched the 2nd black/white female (the pup with the most black) from Sadie’s litter to a family in New Jersey and she will travel home next Friday.

That leaves just one pup still available from Sadie’s litter. She is in a video on FB with a sable/white girl. The sable/white pup is still available only to the waiting list, but the black/white pup is available to all.

I also posted a video of Roxy’s litter and we are working with just the waiting list on that litter as well.

As everyone is planning and looking at their timelines, here is a breakdown of when the current litters are ready to go home. The first date is the 8 week old day, and the last date is the 13 week old day. The puppies can go home anytime time between those 2 dates. Remember that any puppy held longer than 8 weeks is automatically considered an Accelerated Puppy and additional charges will apply.

Sadie’s Litter May 27-July 1
Black/White Female

Roxy’s Litter June 14-July 19
Solid Sable F
Black F
Blenheim M (Lola’s Pup)
Black/White M
Sable/White M
Sable/White M

Daisy’s Litter June 16-July 21
Sable/White Female

Jazzy’s Litter July 14-August 18
Golden F
Solid Sable F
Sable/White M
Blenheim M
Golden M

We also have the Paige Litter due in June.

All of these puppies have been pictured or in a video at least once on our FB page.

Most are available only to the waiting list, unless I have specifically mentioned that a puppy is available to all.

Please remember to inquire via email only. silverpawcavachons@gmail.com

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