Let Me Hear From You!

The following people have a shot at the Roxy Litter. I have posted their first videos on FB today. Here is a picture of them sleeping like little hot dogs!!


L-R Sable/White M, Blenheim M, Black F, Solid Sable F, Sable/White M, Black/White M

The following people need to let me know if they want more info about these pups, or if they’d like to pass on this litter. I need to hear from each of you via email.

#3 Lesley, TX
#7 Donna M
#12 Cindy H
#13 Lola (she’s getting the Blenheim M)
#15 Barbara E
#18 Linda J
#23 Julie L

If I have not listed you, but you are currently on the waiting list and would like info about Roxy’s litter, kindly just let me know.

One response to “Let Me Hear From You!

  1. Hi Kristy, The sable and white boy in roxy’s litter with more white….how big will he get? I think we may be open to a boy if the wait gets too long, so you can update me to boy or girl sable and white on my preferences. Also you posted a video for a girl from Daisy’s litter? Is she available? I don’t remember her….thanks michelle

    Date: Mon, 25 May 2015 03:11:18 +0000 To: mickigal@hotmail.com

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