Puppy Selection Sadie’s Litter Begins Next Week

We almost have the Jesse litter matched with their forever families, so we’re moving forward and want to show you the Sadie Litter!

This litter is 3 black/white female puppies. They are currently 6 weeks old and they will be ready to go home May 27-June 2 for 8 week old puppies and July 1-7 for Accelerated Puppies. Of course, puppies can go home anytime between those dates as well as partially Accelerated puppies, and we can talk about those details.

If you have already let me know that 1-you want a Fall puppy, or 2-you ONLY want a male puppy, I am already planning to pass over your name on the waiting list.

But if you are not in either of those categories and you are on the waiting list, I need to hear from you regarding this litter because I don’t want to assume anything and be wrong! So if you still aren’t ready and the dates for bringing one of these puppies home does not fit into your timeline, or they are not the color or size that you are hoping to get, please drop me a note letting me know you want to pass on this litter.

But if you have ANY interest in these puppies at all, please let me know and I will include you in my communication for this litter.

Either way, I need to know.

Also, for your planning, we have Roxy’s litter coming up which has 6 puppies, a black female, solid sable female, black/white male, and 2 sable/white males. They are 3 1/2 weeks old and will be ready for their new homes from June 14-July 19.

And we have a litter due any day from Jazzy (her last litter was all sable/white!).

I hope this helps everyone as they plan to bring their puppy home. Videos of Sadie’s litter will be posted on Facebook shortly.

Please email with any questions.


Quick Update

The list for Jesse’s litter is getting smaller! Several have let me know they need to wait. The following are still in line for choosing a pup.

Kristen L
Jackie P
Erica A
Sandra W
Townley (just realized I didn’t have her on the list when I should have)
Kristen P
Michelle H

We now have 8 people for 5 puppies. I’m hoping to do videos again today and If your name is on this list, please get in touch with me and let me know if you want more details about a specific puppy or you want to wait for a different litter.


Puppy Selection Videos

I have uploaded 5 videos on our Facebook page of the next litter of Available puppies.

I plan to do several short videos like this each day this week. This should give everyone a good look at the puppies and how they interact with one another.

I want to hear your thoughts. You don’t have to decide today, but if there is a certain puppy you’ve got your eye on, I do want to know. I will be matching puppies in the order of the waiting list, but even if you are deep, it doesn’t hurt to put in your 2 cents.

I’d like to have these puppies matched by Friday of this week so we can start to make travel plans for getting them home.

If you are not on the waiting list, you are welcome to put in your 2 cents as well. You never know how this will unfold, and it is possible for a non waiting list person to swoop in after everyone else has passed on a litter or puppy.

I hope to hear from everyone listed in my last post. I did hear from Kathy and she is waiting for a Fall puppy, so she is not in the mix for these pups.

Let me know if you have any questions and please send them via email!!


Updates and Mother’s Day Fun

It is a gorgeous day here and I’ve just spent over 2 hours dealing with my email inbox and updating the Waiting List.

We have a record 26 people waiting for puppies and I’m trying to be as efficient as possible in my communication with you all.

I have compiled all of the info you’ve shared, and I think I do have an accurate and up to date listing of color, gender, and timeline preferences for each person/family on the waiting list.

After posting the videos of Justyne’s blenheim male, several new people responded, but I am waiting on 2 people on the waiting list to let me know if they want him, or they are going to pass. I will announce here what is happening regarding that adorable pup.

The next litter that I will be putting in the spotlight will be Jesse’s litter of 5 sable/white puppies. There are 3 girls and 2 boys, and we will start puppy selection with them very soon!

Here is a sneak peek!


As per my timeline and people’s preferences, the following people will have a shot at selecting a Jesse pup:

#4 Diane L
#6 Majida
#8 Donna M
#10 Kristen L
#11 Jackie P
#15 Erica A
#16 Kimberly M
#18 Sandra W
#20 Cindy B
#22 Kristen P
#23 Michelle H
#24 Kathy W
#26 Doreen L

Obviously, there are only 5 pups and that list is much longer than 5 people, but I never know what people are going to do when it comes down to choosing time, so this is everyone that wanted a male or female sable/white puppy this summer.

Jesse’s puppies will be ready for new homes May 24-30 for 8 week old puppies, and June 28-July 4 for Accelerated Puppies. We are also able to keep puppies for more than 8 weeks and less than 13 weeks, but there is a $100/week Accelerated Puppy charge for the extra time we keep them here.

If these times don’t work into your timeline for a Jesse puppy, please kindly let me know you want to pass on this litter.

Upcoming puppy selection after Jesse’s litter will be Sadie’s litter, which is 3 black/white female puppies, then Roxy’s litter with 6 pups (2 girls, 4 boys). We also have 2 pregnant girls so there should be new puppies in May and June as well (which would go home in July & August).

I’m hoping giving these details now will help everyone start preparing for bringing a puppy home and that I will get clear responses when I do the upcoming puppy selection videos. I will still be working within the structure and order of the waiting list, but I need to hear from you after Puppy Selection videos are posted, or I will simply move down to the next person.

Thank you everyone for working with me on this. I am still trying to figure out how to best handle such a deep list and I want this to be as simple as possible for everyone involved 🙂

Email me if you have questions. Please do not leave a comment in the blog. I need all my communication in emails to again, keep things as streamlined and efficient as possible.

And finally, Happy Mother’s Day!!


Available Blenheim Male

I am letting everyone on the waiting list know there is a Blenheim male puppy ready for adoption.

In the last few emails I’ve sent out, I’ve receive 50% response at best, so I am going to try something different.

I am letting you ALL know this puppy is ready to go home this coming week. If he is not placed in our Accelerated Puppy program, he needs to go home by next Friday, May 15 at the latest. If this does not work for your timeline of bringing your puppy home, please let me know you’ll pass on him or simply don’t say anything.

But if this DOES work for you, and you want a blenheim male puppy, and you like his personality, please send me an email and we will make a decision this week.

I have uploaded 4 new videos of him on our FB page. Please check those out and then contact me if you’re interested in him. It doesn’t matter if you’re #20 on the list. If I don’t hear from anyone else ahead of you, this puppy could be yours!

As I do hear from people, I will go in the order of the Waiting List. So nothing has actually changed except I am putting this announcement out to everyone instead of just to those in the top 10.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you all! Enjoy the videos on Facebook, Silver Paw Kennels. Thanks!