Quick Announcement

All of the Jesse and Sadie puppies are sold. We are moving on to the Roxy litter. Be watching for new puppy selection videos for Roxy’s pups. The Blenheim Male and Black Female pups have already been matched to families. We will be focusing on the Solid Sable girl, Black/White boy, and the 2 Sable/White boys.


Please send me an email if you would like to be included in the selection process for the Roxy pups. So far I have the following people:

Donna M
Jackie P
Kimberly M
Desiree O
Michelle H
Julie L

If you are on the waiting list and you are interested in a Roxy pup, but I don’t have you on this list, kindly send me an email and let me know you’re interested. If you are on this list but want to pass on the Roxy pups, send me an email for that as well.


Please send the email directly to the above email. If you simply reply to this blog post email (for those that get my posts via email), it will post as a comment on the blog instead of emailing me directly. I need all communication via email to not have anyone slip through the cracks.

Thanks and looking forward to working with each of you on the Roxy litter.

(A note to those not on the waiting list…There may be a pup available from the Roxy litter after I talk with everyone on my waiting list. You never know!)

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