Update on Tucker

Love hearing from our extended SPK families!! Here is an update on our “Gone With the Wind” litter from Maggie & Ricky! There were 6 puppies in this very colorful litter. I’d love to hear from the others as well!

Hi Kristy –

Just a little update on Tucker (Ashley from Maggie & Ricky’s June 7th litter). He is doing great! He is almost 7 months and just before 6 months he was about 13 pounds. He seems to have grown a lot in the last month though.

He is such a great dog. Everyone loves him. He is very playful with a lot of energy, but he also loves to curl up next to anyone who will let him. We love that he is energetic and fun when we want him to be and nice and calm at times too.

Here are a couple pictures after Tucker’s recent grooming (his first full hair cut) so you can see his coloring.

Hope you and all the new puppies are doing well.
Happy New Year to you and your family!
Karen F



3 responses to “Update on Tucker

  1. How adorable! This update on your sweet pup makes me even
    more excited about getting our first cavachon from

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