Puppy Training Tip

Training your puppy can be a fun and rewarding experience. Here is a quick tip for new and older puppies.

Every puppy from Silver Paw Cavachons comes home with a collar and leash. Use these tools, not only for daily walks, but for containment training as well.

Your new puppy does not need full run of the house to be happy. In fact, he will be more secure and settled if you control and confine his spaces during the first year of his life.

The picture below happens a LOT in our home! Whenever we are doing extended training with someone’s puppy, we bring them into the middle of our lives, and treat them as we would our own little dog.

Use your collar and leash to tether your puppy in a central location so she can see you and the family in action. Give her a bed and bully stick just in case she gets bored of watching you!

Knowing your puppy is close by and safe gives you peace of mind. Knowing your carpet and furniture are safe provides even more, and through the process your puppy learns to be content near you without having to be constantly held or in your lap.

I highly recommend puppy containment during the first year, and this is one simple way to do it, while still providing the feel of freedom for your puppy.


*This method is best when you know you will be in the room or passing through frequently. A puppy left on a leash with no supervision, could easily chew through if she decided to. Of course, your Lupine Collar and Leash are guaranteed, even against chewing, so you can easily get a new one, but its always best to supervise your puppy unless she is in her safe zone or her crate.