New Blog Features

I’ve added a couple new features to the blog and I wanted to talk about them so nobody is confused or worried if they notice their name OFF of the waiting list.

Because the Cavachons are so popular, we receive deposits very early in the process, sometimes even before puppies are born.  Then, little by little, people choose their puppies, and I’ve made that notation within the waiting list on the right column here on the blog.  I’ve noticed that when the list is long, and it is riddled with puppies that have been matched, and families that are still waiting, it becomes a little confusing to figure out whose turn it is to choose a puppy, and which puppies are still available.

I’ve added a new section on the right column called “Reserved Puppies”.  Once a family has selected their puppy, their name will be removed from the waiting list and added to the Reserved Puppy list.  This will help the waiting list to not be bogged down, and it will truly reflect those that are actually still “waiting” to select a puppy.

I also added a little section called “Upcoming Litters”, which will list any upcoming litters, the parents, breed, and month that the puppies are due. 

I hope these new changes help the website be more streamlined, precise, and organized.  Any feedback welcome!

Puppy Selection Lilly’s Litter

Yesterday was spa day for Lilly’s litter. They were perfect little angels during the whole process except for one little pooper during the blow dry! But I was right there and got that scooped up immediately and a fresh towel in the crate for the rest of the time!

Lilly’s puppies are 6 weeks old today so it’s time to open the litter up for puppy selection. I am working through the waiting list and will soon know which puppies have been selected and which puppies are still available.

These babies are just darling and oh so small!


Sable/White Boy


Black/White Boy


Sable/White Boy – Reserved for Tabitha & Nanci


Black/White Girl


Sable/White Girl