I am disenchanted with my blog.  I don’t like the way it looks right now.  I don’t like my entries.  I don’t like that all the recent pictures are UGLY because everything is dead still around here.  I spent at least an hour today, trying to give it a facelift, but couldn’t get the photos large enough to be a single picture background.  I wish I understood blogger better, and how to edit the templates, backgrounds, fonts, colors, photos, layout, etc.  It takes time to learn the details, time that I do not have.

I see so many things that inspire me to write, but I don’t have the time to get it on paper.  I’m starting a journal on my iPad.  Maybe I will be able to capture more there.  I need to be able to spill everything out, the good, the bad, the ugly. I can lock the content and write everything that is on my mind.   I think I will like that a little better.  I’m still deciding how much I’ll share here, how transparent I want to be.  I don’t know the answer to that just yet!

I hope my blog will look more “springlike” soon.  I have a great background photo, if only I can figure out what size to make it so it will fit the background correctly.  Until then…

2 responses to “Disenchanted

  1. Figuring out the technical nuts and bolts of blogging is AGGRAVATING, isn't it?I have pictures that are on my dear husband's camera and his computer that I am waiting on that have delayed posts for weeks, now, because I have to wait till the stars and planets line up for him to feel like getting around to helping me. Very frustrating, because he's the one with the best photography equipment and skills.

  2. Oh Kristy, you are singing my song. I hate navigating the details. I finally found a format and look that I like for my blog and I'm leaving it like that for. ev. er. :)Yours looks nice, btw.

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