Hidden Treasure

I discovered a hidden treasure today that has been under my nose for 4 YEARS!  I CANNOT believe my local friends have not told me about it.  I only stumbled upon it because last week, 2 of my friends had the most amazing tomato and pepper plants in their cars and I asked where they got them.

There is a “mom and pop” nursery in town that, hands down, has THE BEST plants available in our little life here in the northwest.  And CHEAP too!  The tomato plants were $1.50 each for 1 ft tall plants.  I had already bought 5 plants from the farmer’s market this evening for $2 each, which look a bit sickly and tiny compared to the “treasure” ones. 

On Friday, this nursery is having a sale, and I plan to go back armed and ready to purchase plants.  I’m going to take pictures too!  A four pack of anything is $1.50 and I plan to stock up on pepper plants as well as marigolds to line the ends of my garden rows.  I’m sure growing my own plants from seed would be cheaper, even than this, but it really takes a greenhouse, or at least some space to have all those flats of plants starting in your home.  Our home is already small, without trying to carve a corner out of it to be a greenhouse!

I have yet to shake my finger at my friends for not telling me about this nursery.  I always share my “good finds” with everyone I can, so I kinda don’t get why nobody ever told me about this place.  Maybe it was a secret they wanted kept, but there are plenty of plants for everyone!  They also had this type of ground cover cloth that I got information about, and I’m going to try some this year under my tomato plants.  If I can prevent weeds, I will be a much happier girl this summer while trying to maintain our huge garden while my husband has to be working.