Volunteer Onions

Since the weather here has been so “wintery” for such a long time, we have to take advantage of any day that is dry outside, whether or not it is sunny and nice. So, today we worked in the garden, getting the beds ready for planting.

My first project was to attack the garden boxes and get the onion sets planted in them. We didn’t do anything at the end of last year, as far as cleaning up old plants and weeds, etc., so we were greeted with this…

After a bit of work, the box looks like this.

Since the soil is so soft and easy to work with, it doesn’t take long to make it look nice again. Kaelyn planted the onion sets, 80 in each box, 5 per square foot, so if all goes well, we’ll have 80 of each type of onion, red, yellow, and white, in each box. I’m hoping that they will do well in the boxes and will require minimal amounts of weeding.

One of these boxes had volunteer onion starts from last year, so we pulled this out and are getting them ready to dry. I started with a nice bath in the sink.

Then we trimmed them into small pieces and gave them another bath.

Finally, we put some in the fridge to use fresh, and we are drying the rest of them. More and more I’m feeling like it’s a good idea to eat organically grown produce. It’s especially nice to get it for FREE!!

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