Saying Goodbye to "Zoe"

There is a wonderful family in Connecticut that owns one of our Cavachon puppies.  We negotiated a deal a couple years ago where I kept the dog until it was spayed, and did some basic training with her, and then finally sent her home.  The people were so pleased that they wanted another dog a year later.  Even though it is a tremendous amount of work to keep a puppy until it’s 6-8 months old, we took the plunge again, and trained Zoe for them. 

She was supposed to go home in January, after the holidays, but I hit a deer and was unable to make the trip to Seattle for several weeks in my damaged car.  Then, the east was hit with blizzards this winter, and the family was unable to get Zoe due to the snow being so high, there wasn’t much fence showing over the top of it, and they were afraid Zoe might get out and run away.  So we had to wait till the snow melted.  In the meantime, they also had a couple trips planned, and wanted to get Zoe once they were back, so after several extra months, the day finally came last Sunday for Zoe to go home.

I usually don’t get attached to the puppies, but once you’ve had a dog for almost 10 months, they are kind of like one of your family, so saying goodbye to Zoe was more difficult than with the younger puppies.  I know she went to a fabulous home, and is already being loved and spoiled there, so that helps a lot!  She was a wonderful dog and we now have a “brother” of hers, Calvin!  He isn’t from her litter, but from the same parents, so even though we don’t have Zoe, we will have a different, just as wonderful pup of our very own!

Here are our last pictures of Zoe!!  Enjoy!

Last Belly Rub!

Last Kisses!

Last Hugs!

In her crate, ready to head to her flight in Seattle!

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