City Girl

It’s the end of another week and I’m tired.  I have definitely been a city girl this week, having been to town almost every single day.  Sunday was only 6 days ago, but I can’t remember what I spent my day doing.  I think I was home on Monday.  Tuesday, I went skiing.  Wednesday, we all went to town, Daryl to get his teeth worked on, the kids went to Pathfinders, and I bought some groceries.  Thursday, I spent the entire day with Kaelyn in the “big” town, hoping to find a formal dress for her, but we came home empty handed, and finally today, Friday, I found myself back in town to get the forgotten clothing for the boys.  It seems I spent more time in town this week than at home, and that’s not the way I want it to be.

But I did get something exciting in town today!  I finally took the plunge and bought an iPhone!  It’s so pretty, in it’s red case, sleek design, and amazing features!  I even have a flashlight on it, something I know I will use many times, if I remember it’s there.  I can hardly wait to talk to friends and family about which applications are their favorite.  It seems endless, what this phone can do, and I’m really excited to keep learning more and more.

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