A Slap in the Face

“…and Mrs. Plata, don’t even get me started on that.” 

Those words have pierced right through my heart, and landed in my mouth where I have been chewing on them all day long since I heard them.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because I was warned.  But I chose to believe.  I chose to invest my time, my friendship, my life experience, hoping it might make a difference.

I feel the fool.  I feel sad.  I feel used.  The old saying goes…”when life hands you lemons, make lemonaid.”  What if I am tired of drinking lemonaid?  I’ve been making an awful lot of lemonaid in the recent past, and right now, I’d like to toss that lemonaid at someone and just say a few words of my own. 

Of course that wouldn’t help.  Of course, I won’t do that.  I’d like to just get away and forget about the stress of life.  I invested my self and got a slap in the face in return.  It just kind of stings.

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