Scarlett & Big Boy Litter Selection

Hi Everyone!

School is out, I’m home, and it’s time to talk about puppies!

The Scarlett litter has grown up and I’ve done a terrible job talking about them. We’ve had a few bumps in the road the past month (with other litters) but as a result, decided to keep the Scarlett litter until they had two shots before going home. They were also a little older when they got their first shot, so finally, at 10.5 weeks old, they are finally ready to go home!!

Here’s a look at their cute faces and a side view of their bodies.

Blenheim Female
Blenheim Female Side
Light Blenheim Female
Light Blenheim Female Side
Solid Sable Male
Solid Sable Side
Black Male
Black Male Side
Golden Male
Golden Male Side
Golden Cream Male
Golden Cream Male side
Blenheim Male
Blenheim Male side

These are large puppies and may be considered Megachon Cavachons with adult weights ranging from 18-30 lbs. they are getting their second booster shot on Thursday and they will also be seeing the vet on Thursday. They will be ready to go home Friday.

I have a small list of people that I will be calling first.

Debbie N, James S, Tina W, and Kristina S.

Anyone else interested in these puppies should fill out this Google form. I will be calling people starting Wednesday.

Please reach out via email if you’d like more info.

As for other available puppies:

5 month old Blenheim male

Dutchess Litter of 5 (solid sable and golden, ready mid to late July)

Missy Litter of 7 (lots of colors, ready mid to late July)

Adults Retiring:

Allie, female Bichon

2 responses to “Scarlett & Big Boy Litter Selection

  1. Hi
    The first Blenheim female looks so much like our Freya!
    Freya is healthy and happy! She is still a bit shy but totally loves those people she loves!
    She was 5 on Dec. 26!
    Allison from Kamloops BC

    Sent from my iPad


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