Kenzie Litter Selection

Hi Everyone,

The next litter is from Kenzie. She was bred to Kingsley and she had two puppies. They are a bit smaller size and my guess is that they will be from 10-15 lbs as adults.

We will do litter selection next Sunday, July 11th. The litter form will be open until 6:00 pm Saturday, July 10th (that’s this coming weekend!!).

Blenheim Female, Golden Female

These puppies were born May 22nd and will be ready for their new homes July 17th. They are playful and fun, and will make wonderful pets!

Here is a quick video of them on our FB page.

Here is the litter link. Fill out this form if you’d like to be considered for this litter. Remember this is the time when you select every possible puppy that you’d be willing to take home. We will only consider and discuss those puppies that you have selected here. To keep all options open, select all of the puppies.

These pups are so cute! The blenheim has great color throughout her body and the golden girl is a nice deep golden color!!

Please double check your waiting list number as it is subject to change as more people are matched to their puppies and their names are removed from the waiting list.

Litters still to come are:

Penny & Big Boy, F1 – 5 puppies, 2 golden girls, 3 golden boys, ready August 12.

Olivia & Jester, F1 – 6 pups, 1 solid sable female, 2 solid sable males, 2 sable/white males, 1 golden male, ready August 21. We brought her intthis week.

We also might have a Cavalier litter on the way. I’ll keep everyone posted!

Thanks for following along! Happy Summer!

Kristy 😊💕🐶

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