Kenzie Call List & Updates

Hi Everyone!

It’s time to match the Kenzie Litter. Here is the call list. I’ll be calling today.

**Update, this post wouldn’t load so I’ve already made the calls. Ewa was matched to the golden girl and Mitch & Jean were matched to the blenheim.

I’d like new people to notice that the lowest number from the waiting list being considered for one of these pups is #93. This means even though you are deep in the waiting list, it doesn’t mean it will take forever to get a pup.

Updates on other litters:

Dutchess-all puppies have gone home.

Allie-first pup left today, next one is going to California, and the last one is staying a few extra weeks.

Golden girl from Allie’s litter. She is going to a home that bought two Shichons puppies from us way back 14 years ago. They lived amazing lives but have gone over the rainbow bridge. Little girl is filling some very big shoes in joining this family.

London-all puppies have been matched, first puppy went home to Texas via our SilverPaw Nanny Service, two more leaving this week via the Nanny Service to California, and the last three staying for a few extra weeks.

Kendrick heading to Texas with “Blue” from London’s litter.
Happy first meeting!
Puppy with his new family.

Penny-litter link coming soon.

I think these are the boys facing the camera, but don’t hold me to it!!

Olivia-litter link coming soon

One solid sable girl, all the rest are boys.

These little pups will all be ready in August. I’ll be posting the litter links in the next couple of days.

Kristy 😊💕🐶

2 responses to “Kenzie Call List & Updates

  1. Hi there! Looks like this next litter has a lot of males! What is the size of them look like? I would love to get some close-up shots of them 😊

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