The Mimi List

Hi Everyone!

The Mimi litter list is closed and it’s time to show you who I will be calling next week.

I’ve divided the list into groups of five. My guess is that I may get down to #10, but chances are the puppies will be matched even before that.

Let’s have some fun guessing how this could shake out. Do remember that nobody is locked into anything and people do change their minds and final decisions haven’t been made yet.

But if we go strictly by what everyone has indicated in their preferences, it might look something like this…

Deborah-B/W male

Renee-Blaze golden girl

MargieScott-Other golden girl

Kathleen-Blenheim male

Howard, Lily, Libby-pass because all the girls are already selected

Krista-Other blenheim male

Now things rarely go this smoothly, but this should give everyone an inside glance at what could happen. This also helps you know whether you’ll potentially get a call or not.

On puppy matching day I’ll call in this list order until I’ve matched all the puppies. Then I will post a new blog post congratulating everyone. I will not call the rest of the list so do keep checking the blog for my update.

Let’s do puppy selection Tuesday evening starting at 6pm. Does that work for everyone? I can do FaceTime with those that have an iPhone.

Please let me know if that doesn’t work for you. It’s very important that you’re able to take a call that evening as I don’t want to skip over anyone.

The puppies will be ready to go home after February 13. We’d like them to go by the 19th at the latest.

Please email if you have questions and I want to thank everyone who reached out and filled out the litter form. My guess is that this time we probably won’t get too far down the list, but honestly, you just never know!


One response to “The Mimi List

  1. Hi Kristy, Tuesday at 6 is great! I am so excited to get the black and white puppy!! Talk to you soon. Deborah

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