Mimi Litter Selection

Just a quick reminder that today, until 8pm is the last chance to get your name on the litter list for Mimi’s litter. This is for those already on our main waiting list.

Here is the link to the form.


We will begin puppy selection next week when I’m back from CA. I’ll post the order of selection tonight once I close the form. Currently, 22 people have responded for the 5 puppies.

Remember that after Mimi’s litter, we have four solid sable males from Maddie’s litter.

“Bailey,”large male from Penny, went home yesterday. The story is on my Instagram and Facebook pages. Here he is with his new family! The mural gave the illusion of mouse ears!! This is the second dog for the S family. They have a black/white dog, “Booker,” that they bought from us 12 years ago. He’s still going strong and I can’t wait to hear when he decides to be good friends with his new little brother. It can often take a couple weeks before the existing dog warms up to the new puppy!!

Thanks to everyone for following along!


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