Mimi Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone!

As I promised, here is the blog post for the Mimi litter. There is a new video of them on Facebook. They will be ready for their new homes after February 13th. We would like them all to go home the following week if possible.

They were born December 19, 2020 and it is an F1 litter. They are looking to be on the average to small side. Mom is 12-13lbs and dad is 16 lbs. Kingsley has been my male that has produced the smallest babies and Mimi is a new mom so I don’t have any data from past litters for her.

If you’re interested in being considered for this litter, please fill out the litter form here:


The Facebook video is here:


There are 5 puppies in the litter. The Google form will be open until 8pm Saturday, February 6th. I will then compile the names in waiting list order and let you know when I’ll start making calls.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Kristy 💕😊🐶

One response to “Mimi Puppy Selection

  1. kristy,

    i don’t have a google account to sign in. got rid of google and i’m getting rid of facebook after we have a puppy.

    so here’s what i remember you said was covered:

    lili – #1


    port townsend, washington

    only interested in black & white male from mimi’s litter.

    what am i forgetting???

    one consideration- we’re still not driving your way. even in february the snow will still be there beside the distance. had a slight setback last week with my back simply be sitting in a different chair for an hour on two straight days. needless to say, the habitat for humanity store is getting it. if you take any to seatac, we could probably meet you there? any other thoughts?

    hope your mom is better. cannot imagine how frustrating & nerve-wracking it must be to be “the” caregiver child from that distance.

    let me know what you think…

    whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing…


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