Penny Litter Matched

Hi Everyone!

That was fast and painless! The pups were chosen 1-2 by the first two people on the list.

Congratulations Bobbi S #65…blenheim male, and Amy H #70…blenheim female.

To everyone else, thank you for reaching out and showing me your interest. be encouraged because your time will come!

Here’s a quick peek of the next two litters.

Mimi’s pups are in a video on Facebook. This video has important info about the selection process so be sure to watch and/or call to ask questions.

And then the youngest litter is Maddie’s litter. They are just 4 weeks old.

Four solid sable males

I will be posting a link for the Mimi pups in a new blog post so everyone who is on the waiting list and interested can be part of that litter selection.

Talk to you all again soon!

Kristy 😊💕🐶

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