Penny Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone,

I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I’ve been caring for my mom and back and forth to California a few times. Things aren’t totally settled yet but I am home and it’s time to match the Penny puppies.

There are two puppies in this litter, a girl and a boy. They will be ready to begin going home Friday, February 5th. They will see the vet for their health certificate on Thursday the 4th.

These are going to be large dogs when they are adults. Here are a couple photos with their current weights listed as well.

Female, 4lbs 3oz
Male, 5 lbs 10 oz

To give some perspective, most of our puppies are 3.5-4lbs when they leave and they are 8 weeks old. These puppies are just 7 weeks old, and at those weights I guesstimate that they will be from 22-28 lbs as adults. they will be what is called a “Megachon”!!

We will be matching these puppies on Sunday. I will begin calling people at 10am and I will be available to do FaceTime with those that have an iPhone.

There is a new video of these puppies on our Facebook page, Silver Paw Cavachons.

If you are on our waiting list and would like to be considered for this litter, please fill out this form by clicking the link below.

It asks for some basic info that helps keep me organized as I begin to make the phone calls. I will post the call list before Sunday and I will accept forms until 8pm on Saturday night.

Please let me know via email of you have any questions about the process.


PS…For those asking, my mom is back in the hospital but stable. She was ready to be discharged Wednesday and then her A-fib acted up and she got a UTI. So they are keeping her a few more days for observation. I’ll post periodic updates here because we live two states away and I’m the only family she has to help her through this time in her life. She’s 85 and just had knee replacement surgery. We are hoping for a full recovery and for her to be independent again if possible. Her ongoing care will be a big priority in my life so the next couple litters may be similar to this one in that there won’t be much said until it’s time for them to be going home. Be assured that they are being cared for daily like normal. Nothing has changed there.

On that note, for those that like to plan ahead, here is what we have coming up:

Mimi & Kingsley, F1, 5 pups, ready February 14. Two golden females, two blenheim males, one black/white male.

Maddie & Finn, F1, ready March 9. Four solid sable males.

I will try to post pictures of the two newer litters this weekend. As you consider the puppies determine first if one will fit into your timeline. Then decide if you like the gender/color combos. If both of those are a yes, you’ll want to fill out the litter form for that litter when I post it. We will talk personality details once you’re actually in a position to get one of the puppies.

Blessings to everyone! KP