Explaining the Puppy Matching Process

Hi Everyone!

We have officially matched the Penny puppies and I’ve made a video explaining how all the details went down! It’s a process of elimination often times and one that reveals itself only as it happens. After it’s done, it’s a lot easier to explain the basic matching process.

I’m hoping this video will offer some clarity in how the process works. It’s the best way I know to keep the order intact, yet not be waiting to hear back from people that are not ready.

You’ll see that those further down on the waiting list did not get a pup this time around, but in general, that is to be expected. You’ll also see that the lady who is #64 on the waiting list DID get a pup, so it never hurts to put your name out there because you never know what is going to happen!

Let me know if you have any questions. And again, please communicate with me via email unless I specifically establish a text message with you. Thank you!