Maddie Info

Hi Everyone!

I hope I’ve got everything caught up. Again, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to communicate via email. As I was wrapping up the Maddie list, I checked the comments on the blog and found two more requests to be added. This is a good way to get missed. I’m just being honest. I don’t keep up with blog comments at all, and I am not going to change that approach. I can only do so much and I cannot be chasing down communication.

With that said, here are the Maddie lists. The first is the original list of people interested, with all the recent adds. The second is the Top 15 names for 5 puppies.

As always, if I have missed you, let me know today so I can get you added. This is new territory for me, managing so much interest for a single litter. This is the last call for Maddie interest. I will not being adding any new names after today, June 30th.

Puppy selection day for Maddie’s litter is Friday, July 3rd, beginning at noon. If your name is on the Top 15 list, especially the top 8-10, send me the phone number you want me to use to call you. Some of you have been communicating with me regarding your schedule conflicts. Let’s keep talking so we can be sure we are able to talk.

There are new videos of the puppies on Facebook.

If you are in the Top 15 and you want to see the videos without the watermark, send me a text message (509) 936-2715. I’ve found it to be nice and easy to text the short videos. I also have another one that shows their faces really well.

Also, if you’ve emailed me with specific questions about this litter, I’m only going to respond if you’re in the Top 15. Chances are the puppies will go to families on that Top 15 list so I can’t take the time to talk details with anyone else.

If you are a praying person, I could use prayer! This summer has 7 huge tasks, with only two of them that I can back off a bit from…

1. Dogs-Retiring adults, selling 10 pups, regular daily stuff

2. Wedding-My daughter got engaged in June and her wedding is in August!!

3. Wedding Shower-I’m in charge of planning this.

4. Continuing Education-I signed up for a 4 credit Bible course (Paul and the Gospel) this summer. I didn’t know the wedding would happen when I signed up, otherwise I may have pushed this task to next year.

5. Garden-I have a beautiful garden this year and it’s like a child that always needs nurture and attention!

Tiny glimpse. There’s much, much more!

6. Decluttering-I can’t believe I’m admitting this online, but I haven’t unpacked boxes from our move to WA in 2007. Most of it is now trash, but we found the horse trailer registration, and a silver coin, so I can’t just toss everything!! It’s like reliving my homeschool years in CA and when we first moved to WA so it’s very emotional work.

7. And finally, prep for next school year! With the ever changing Covid news (I’m so done listening to all of it), it’s hard to know how to plan, but plans have to happen.

So I have a ton on my plate in the next 7-8 weeks (this all has to happen by August 24th) and I could use extra prayers!!

And one last thing, if when you communicate with me, you can add your waiting list number, that would be awesome! Then I don’t have to hunt you down through 105 names to find out where you are!

If you’ve read to the end of this, congrats! Have a wonderful day!!