Update on Casper

After posting about Casper, I took several days off from responding to emails. Today, I compiled all the inquiries for him and there were 23 emails/messages/FB messages. I’m working through the names. I’m not surprised at this huge interest, and I’m sorry I don’t have 25 little Caspers looking for homes!

If you don’t hear from me via email, I will post here when he has found his home. I know you ALL would be amazing choices.

I am also extremely behind on responding to regular emails. I hate to have to tell everyone our waiting list is CLOSED. We have over 100 names and just 10 puppies right now. I don’t feel right taking any more money when it could be 1-2 years before we would have a pup for you. Please subscribe to the website to be notified when the waiting list opens up again. Thank you!