Penny & Jack Puppies

I’m frustrated.

Not with any of you. I’m frustrated with my internet.

I live in the country. It’s SLOW. I drove to my school today to get the puppy videos from yesterday uploaded. The last one wouldn’t load.

It still won’t load. It’s full of explanations about the Penny list. Maybe it will show up later today, but it won’t be linked from here. Instead, here is a picture.

We had quite a bit of interest. I’ve now taken the Top nine names and made a new sub list (small list on the right). The nine names will be the people I focus on for these puppies. If I’ve missed your name, you’re on the waiting list in the top 50 AND you already emailed me, reach out again so I can get you added.

I hope to upload 3 videos a day this week. Here are the first three from Monday. Please watch them all. There’s a lot of info shared.

I apologize about the watermark. Sadly, dishonest people are making fake websites, stealing pictures from reputable breeders, and “selling” those puppies to innocent families. I’m doing my best to keep that from happening with my puppies.

Let me know via email if you have any questions. These puppies are only available (right now) to the nine names above.

Thanks for your patience!

Kristy 💗🐶

One response to “Penny & Jack Puppies

  1. Hi, I have found some strange websites when searching for cavachon. I live in Rochester NY. My dog just died from liver disease last month. Your wait list is incredible. I don’t know what your adopting fee is. My dog was extremely loving. I miss her terribly.

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