One Last Pup and a New Litter

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been responding to emails the last couple days letting everyone know that our current puppies have all been matched.

But yesterday, a family decided they weren’t quite ready for a puppy and now the little solid gold male from Paisley’s litter is available.

Here he is!
He decided to sleep on TOP of everyone else!!

He will be from 12-16 lbs as an adult. He will be ready to go home on April 10th. Please call me if you’re interested in him. 509-936-2715

In other news, we had new puppies born a week ago. Allie has two boys, golden and solid sable. If you’re on our waiting list and want to put your name down for either of these boys, please let me know.

I’m back to school…sort of. As you all know, “school” has become an effort of electronic instruction, a big learning curve for everyone. I’m balancing my job with the puppies which is always a fun challenge.

I plan to reach out to the current buyers very soon so we can finalize details about puppy delivery and pick up. Everyone is doing well. There are 4 new videos of each litter on our Facebook page. I loaded them this morning!

Have a great day and stay safe!


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