Four Puppies Left

Yesterday and this morning I told people we had five available puppies. When I responded to all of those emails, nobody had made any moves and we indeed did still have the five remaining puppies.

Then today, there was a flurry of phone calls (that went to voice mail) and emails (that I haven’t responded to yet) and this is where things stand right now.

The tiniest blenheim female girl has been matched to a family on the waiting list.

That leaves us with 4 males still available.

Pearlie Solid Sable Male

Paige Sable/White Male Bandie

Paige Sable/White Male

Paisley Blenheim Male (pink nose)

These are the people still waiting to choose between these four pups:

Phyllis, Dave/Colleen, Heidi, Lauren, and Michele.

I will be hearing from Phyllis by 10am tomorrow morning. I will then reach out to everyone else on this list to see what you want to do. If I call and am not able to reach you, I WILL BE MOVING ON TO THE NEXT PERSON. If you’d rather send me an email before tomorrow, and you’d like to put these four puppies in your preference order from #1-4, that will work as well.

This is my best account of what everyone told me for their puppy choices.

Phyllis M (S/W M Bandie or SS M)

Dave/Colleen C (S/W M)

Heidi S (S/W M)

Lauren H (SS M or any pup)

Michele N (SS M or S/W M)

By tomorrow, all of the puppies should be matched to their forever homes and we will start talking about puppy delivery/pick up.

As we look beyond these current pups, I’ll let you all know that Allie delivered a litter of 2 male pups (SS and Gold) on Tuesday. Pending the Covid-19 climate we all find ourselves in, we are hopeful that we will have more pups late this spring and on into summer.

Thank you for being part of the SilverPaw Family!



Pink Nose

15 Puppies

Hey Everyone!

The Justyne puppies have all made it home safely and they are settling into their new homes. We are off and running with the next batch of puppies…three litters from Paige, Pearlie, and Paisley.

There are 15 puppies and they will all be ready at basically the same time, the weekend of April 10-12. We may be able to allow some to go a tad earlier, but we will discuss those details with each family individually.

If you are on our waiting list, and you are ready for a puppy, please call me! It will be easiest if we just talk on the phone. My number is 509-936-2715.

If you want to get on the waiting list so you can have a shot at choosing one of these puppies, send me an email at

I just posted videos of these puppies on my Facebook page. Don’t be confused by who got raised by which mother. Paisley had an emergency c-section and we had to put her on an antibiotic that was not safe for nursing puppies. We had to foster her babies to Paige and Pearlie and while things were pretty intense for the first 10 days, everyone is doing well, beginning to eat solid food, and developing right on track with playing, investigating, and just being as cute as can be.

Since there are 15 puppies all the same exact age, I want to get a jump on the puppy matching process so let’s get this conversation started.

The first litter was born on Saturday, February 15. These are the Paige & Snoopy pups.

Sable/White Male
(Most sable coloring)
Blenheim Male
Sable/White Male
(with perfect band)
Sable/White Female
(Sorry her eyes are closed!)
Blenheim Female
(she’s pretty tiny)

The next litter was born Sunday, February 16. These are the Pearlie & Finn pups. I was fully expecting Paisley to have her babies before Pearlie, but that didn’t happen (though we didn’t have to wait long). Here are the Pearlie pups.

Solid Sable Male
Solid Sable Male
Black/Tan Female

We were excited to see a black/tan puppy as they are extremely rare. The solid sable brothers are gorgeous and have a nice rich color. They are a bit bigger than their sister.

I was keeping my eye on Paisley all weekend and by Sunday evening, I could see we were going to need some vet assistance. In a nutshell, she went to the emergency vet and had a c-section which produced 7 (SEVEN-that’s a huge litter) babies and they were all alive. We scrambled, fostered, worked around the clock (for 10 intense days) to be sure all puppies were thriving, and managed to keep them all alive and well. Here are the Paisley & Kingsley pups, also born on Sunday, February 16.

Tri Female
(she’s tiny too)

Black/Tan Female
Sable/White Male
Blenheim Male
Blenheim Male
(pink nose)
Golden Male
Tri Male

We were crazy excited to see both Tri color AND black/tan again in the Paisley litter. People often have to wait a significant amount of time to get a puppy with those specific colors.

All of these puppies are currently 5 weeks old this weekend. We are busy introducing them to solid foods, new toys, sounds, and experiences.

We can’t wait to see who all of their forever families will be. We are hoping that travel will still be possible when they are ready to go home we are doing our part to have them ready. Give us a call!

Let’s talk soon!!

Kristy 😍🐶💕

The Waiting List

Here it is, updated and current. But we need to talk about it. Especially if your name has been on here for a long time. This post is long and detailed, but critical, so please read until the end.



Lori B

Kris A

Roxanne H

Kelly J

Melody B

Alisa P

Sharon L

Amy U

Jackie L

Jodi F

Anne M

Linda H

Phyllis M

Debra N

Gezanne B

Susie G

Heather C

Victoria R

Heather Z

Merilyn M

Linda H M

Robin T

Dan H

Sharion W

Deb K

Chris Ron S

Lynelle B

Daryl Kathy B

Mary V

Ally M

Morley Rita B

Tracey S

Debra P

Modi G

Barbara F

Megan D

Charlee N

Stacy M

Courtney J

That’s 40 people!

It’s wonderful to have so many names. But I need to hear from you! The first 30 names have been here for a long time and litters come and go and I keep matching puppies to new people. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the new people. But I am beginning to wonder if maybe people aren’t really waiting for a puppy anymore. Maybe they have bought one from someone else. Maybe they forgot to let me know?? Maybe they changed their mind??? Maybe they told me already and I failed to remove their name????

If you see your name here and we haven’t talked in the last month, I’d really like to hear from you.


I need to take notes on your timeline. I need to know what you are waiting for. I need to know you are still alive!

I need you to let me know when you will be ready for a puppy. It’s so hard to answer the age old question, “Do you have any puppies available?”, when a litter of six is born and there are 40 people on this waiting list, and I don’t know if any of those 40 people are going to want one of the puppies. And at the same time, the new person is ready NOW, yet I can’t tell them there is a pup because I don’t know what everyone ahead of them is going to do.

I want to be able to have clear answers.

I have 15 more puppies after the Justyne pups go home. Are they available? I don’t know. What is everyone on this list going to do? I need to hear from you!!

So, if you’re still reading this, and your name is on this list, please email me and let me know your puppy plans. It’s an easy email…

I can’t wait to update your file. I’ll be watching for your email!

And, if I don’t hear from you, I will be culling my waiting list, and leaving only those that are actively following and keeping up with this blog.

I don’t want to remove you if you want to stay, so please do reach out and send me an update in an email. (Or a text 509-936-2715). Both will work!



Justyne Pups Update

I’ve called everyone on the Justyne list. I connected with 6 people and matched 4 puppies. I left voice messages with four others and now I’m opening up adoption on the two remaining puppies to those not on my waiting list (and anyone on the waiting list is welcome to still reach out).

The two available puppies are the smaller blenheim male and the dark golden male.

Blenheim Male
Golden Male

These puppies are ready March 13th.

Check my last blog post to see the updates on who chose all the other puppies. These final two pups are gorgeous, happy, playful, and oh so cute!

Someone called me this week about the golden boy. If you’re seeing this, please call me ASAP because he is still available!

I’d love to get all these puppies matched today, or at least this weekend!



I’m Calling Now!

Hi Everyone!

I’m starting the phone calls for Justyne’s puppies.

Here is my list order in the order I am calling. If I’m not able to reach you, I will be moving down my list.

1. Fred N

2. Patsy J

3. Allyson S

4. Barbara F

5. Megan D

6. Charlee N

7. Brittany U

8. Stacy M

9. Courtney J

There are 6 puppies, two girls and 4 boys.

I am hopeful we can get all 6 puppies matched today. I’ll post updates on the bottom of this thread as puppies are matched.

Blenheim F – Patsy J

Sable/White F – Fred N

Lg Blenheim M – Brittany U

Sm Blenheim M – Available

Golden M – Available

Black/White M – Allyson S

Happy Puppy Matching Day!!

More Justyne Videos

Hey Everyone!

Just letting you know I’m loading new videos of the Justyne litter on FB today. Puppy selection for this litter is Friday, which is tomorrow, March 6.

I only have 4 names for this litter of 6 puppies. That means there are still two available puppies for new people or other people already on the waiting list.

Allyson S

Brittany U

Patsy J

Fred N

If your name is supposed to be on this list, please let me know ASAP. I will be contacting these people in waiting list order tomorrow to match the Justyne pups. As I mentioned in the last post, I lost my original list of people wanting a Justyne pup. I don’t want to skip you if you were on that original list.

Also, if you are on the waiting list but have bought a pup from another breeder, or have changed your mind about getting a dog, please let me know so I can update my waiting list.

Thanks all!!