Four Puppies Left

Yesterday and this morning I told people we had five available puppies. When I responded to all of those emails, nobody had made any moves and we indeed did still have the five remaining puppies.

Then today, there was a flurry of phone calls (that went to voice mail) and emails (that I haven’t responded to yet) and this is where things stand right now.

The tiniest blenheim female girl has been matched to a family on the waiting list.

That leaves us with 4 males still available.

Pearlie Solid Sable Male

Paige Sable/White Male Bandie

Paige Sable/White Male

Paisley Blenheim Male (pink nose)

These are the people still waiting to choose between these four pups:

Phyllis, Dave/Colleen, Heidi, Lauren, and Michele.

I will be hearing from Phyllis by 10am tomorrow morning. I will then reach out to everyone else on this list to see what you want to do. If I call and am not able to reach you, I WILL BE MOVING ON TO THE NEXT PERSON. If you’d rather send me an email before tomorrow, and you’d like to put these four puppies in your preference order from #1-4, that will work as well.

This is my best account of what everyone told me for their puppy choices.

Phyllis M (S/W M Bandie or SS M)

Dave/Colleen C (S/W M)

Heidi S (S/W M)

Lauren H (SS M or any pup)

Michele N (SS M or S/W M)

By tomorrow, all of the puppies should be matched to their forever homes and we will start talking about puppy delivery/pick up.

As we look beyond these current pups, I’ll let you all know that Allie delivered a litter of 2 male pups (SS and Gold) on Tuesday. Pending the Covid-19 climate we all find ourselves in, we are hopeful that we will have more pups late this spring and on into summer.

Thank you for being part of the SilverPaw Family!



Pink Nose

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