The Waiting List

Here it is, updated and current. But we need to talk about it. Especially if your name has been on here for a long time. This post is long and detailed, but critical, so please read until the end.



Lori B

Kris A

Roxanne H

Kelly J

Melody B

Alisa P

Sharon L

Amy U

Jackie L

Jodi F

Anne M

Linda H

Phyllis M

Debra N

Gezanne B

Susie G

Heather C

Victoria R

Heather Z

Merilyn M

Linda H M

Robin T

Dan H

Sharion W

Deb K

Chris Ron S

Lynelle B

Daryl Kathy B

Mary V

Ally M

Morley Rita B

Tracey S

Debra P

Modi G

Barbara F

Megan D

Charlee N

Stacy M

Courtney J

That’s 40 people!

It’s wonderful to have so many names. But I need to hear from you! The first 30 names have been here for a long time and litters come and go and I keep matching puppies to new people. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the new people. But I am beginning to wonder if maybe people aren’t really waiting for a puppy anymore. Maybe they have bought one from someone else. Maybe they forgot to let me know?? Maybe they changed their mind??? Maybe they told me already and I failed to remove their name????

If you see your name here and we haven’t talked in the last month, I’d really like to hear from you.


I need to take notes on your timeline. I need to know what you are waiting for. I need to know you are still alive!

I need you to let me know when you will be ready for a puppy. It’s so hard to answer the age old question, “Do you have any puppies available?”, when a litter of six is born and there are 40 people on this waiting list, and I don’t know if any of those 40 people are going to want one of the puppies. And at the same time, the new person is ready NOW, yet I can’t tell them there is a pup because I don’t know what everyone ahead of them is going to do.

I want to be able to have clear answers.

I have 15 more puppies after the Justyne pups go home. Are they available? I don’t know. What is everyone on this list going to do? I need to hear from you!!

So, if you’re still reading this, and your name is on this list, please email me and let me know your puppy plans. It’s an easy email…

I can’t wait to update your file. I’ll be watching for your email!

And, if I don’t hear from you, I will be culling my waiting list, and leaving only those that are actively following and keeping up with this blog.

I don’t want to remove you if you want to stay, so please do reach out and send me an update in an email. (Or a text 509-936-2715). Both will work!



Justyne Pups Update

I’ve called everyone on the Justyne list. I connected with 6 people and matched 4 puppies. I left voice messages with four others and now I’m opening up adoption on the two remaining puppies to those not on my waiting list (and anyone on the waiting list is welcome to still reach out).

The two available puppies are the smaller blenheim male and the dark golden male.

Blenheim Male
Golden Male

These puppies are ready March 13th.

Check my last blog post to see the updates on who chose all the other puppies. These final two pups are gorgeous, happy, playful, and oh so cute!

Someone called me this week about the golden boy. If you’re seeing this, please call me ASAP because he is still available!

I’d love to get all these puppies matched today, or at least this weekend!