Justyne Pups Update

I’ve called everyone on the Justyne list. I connected with 6 people and matched 4 puppies. I left voice messages with four others and now I’m opening up adoption on the two remaining puppies to those not on my waiting list (and anyone on the waiting list is welcome to still reach out).

The two available puppies are the smaller blenheim male and the dark golden male.

Blenheim Male
Golden Male

These puppies are ready March 13th.

Check my last blog post to see the updates on who chose all the other puppies. These final two pups are gorgeous, happy, playful, and oh so cute!

Someone called me this week about the golden boy. If you’re seeing this, please call me ASAP because he is still available!

I’d love to get all these puppies matched today, or at least this weekend!



2 responses to “Justyne Pups Update

  1. How big will the little one get? I am considering but prefer around 12 15 lbs

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