I’m Calling Now!

Hi Everyone!

I’m starting the phone calls for Justyne’s puppies.

Here is my list order in the order I am calling. If I’m not able to reach you, I will be moving down my list.

1. Fred N

2. Patsy J

3. Allyson S

4. Barbara F

5. Megan D

6. Charlee N

7. Brittany U

8. Stacy M

9. Courtney J

There are 6 puppies, two girls and 4 boys.

I am hopeful we can get all 6 puppies matched today. I’ll post updates on the bottom of this thread as puppies are matched.

Blenheim F – Patsy J

Sable/White F – Fred N

Lg Blenheim M – Brittany U

Sm Blenheim M – Available

Golden M – Available

Black/White M – Allyson S

Happy Puppy Matching Day!!

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