Puppy Selection Allie Litter

Dear Waiting List Families,

Puppy matching day for Allie’s litter will be when they are 5 weeks old, which is April 28th. On that day, we will be calling (or emailing) each of the families that have shown an interest in this litter. We will begin calling at 3pm and we will simply work down our list. It doesn’t hurt to reach out and make sure we have your current and best phone number to reach you.

We will also continue to accept names from our waiting list until April 27th at midnight. Right now, the following people have reached out to me about these pups:

#3 Lori B

#14 Linda H

#42 Mary K

#43 Denise D

#48 LeslieMatt

If something unexpected happens and we go through all of these names and there is still an available puppy, we will post the puppy here on the website as an available puppy.

If you are currently on our waiting list, or get added before April 27th and want to add your name to this list, please send an email to let me know.

The puppies are maturing well. We will begin clicker training this weekend and we are beginning to play different sounds for them as well.

Looking forward to working with each of you!

Kristy 🐶

A Letter To Future Silver Paw Families

Dear Families,

I just finally responded to everyone’s email. The past month has been incredibly stressful for the world and our little life and Silver Paw has not escaped the change of pace and added layers of concern and worry about all the details of life.

Unexpectedly, with everyone suddenly stuck at home, puppies have been in huge demand. I have never received so many inquiries about puppies, which resulted in the closing of our waiting list.

As a full time school teacher, the sudden thrust into distance learning, coupled with 13 puppies that were the exact same age, almost put me over the edge of what I could handle all at once, and dealing with the dozens and dozens of emails was the one thing I needed to put on hold.

I have told some of you I would open our waiting list in May. I decided, now that things have calmed down a bit, and the 13 puppies all made it home safely, that I can talk to people again and open up the waiting list now.

But first, here are the details. Right now there are 48 people on the waiting list. We currently have 2 Cavachon puppies, 8 purebred Cavalier puppies, and a litter of Cavachon puppies hopefully due in May. Litter sizes range from 3-6, sometimes more and sometimes less. We are also retiring several of our females so we are expecting fewer litters born in the coming year.

The number one question that I get is, “How long will it take for me to get a puppy?” Unfortunately, it is very difficult to answer this question. It depends on so many variables and it’s next to impossible to really give an accurate answer because I don’t know what people on the waiting list will do.

I also don’t know how many litters we will have or how many puppies will be in each litter, so many things are out of my control.

If any of you would still like to get in line for a Silver Paw puppy, we are happy to have you join the list. But I really can’t tell you how long the wait will be. I can confidently say that the wait will be worth it!!

We feel blessed to bring happiness to so many families. We wish we had more puppies but we also understand the work required to raise quality puppies and we limit the number of dogs that we own so we can be deliberate about each puppy , to bring the best puppies into each of your homes.

As I’ve said so many times, thank you for your patience! We look forward to working with each of you to find you just the right puppy!


Allie’s 2 Cavachon boys