Puppy Selection Allie Litter

Dear Waiting List Families,

Puppy matching day for Allie’s litter will be when they are 5 weeks old, which is April 28th. On that day, we will be calling (or emailing) each of the families that have shown an interest in this litter. We will begin calling at 3pm and we will simply work down our list. It doesn’t hurt to reach out and make sure we have your current and best phone number to reach you.

We will also continue to accept names from our waiting list until April 27th at midnight. Right now, the following people have reached out to me about these pups:

#3 Lori B

#14 Linda H

#42 Mary K

#43 Denise D

#48 LeslieMatt

If something unexpected happens and we go through all of these names and there is still an available puppy, we will post the puppy here on the website as an available puppy.

If you are currently on our waiting list, or get added before April 27th and want to add your name to this list, please send an email to let me know.

The puppies are maturing well. We will begin clicker training this weekend and we are beginning to play different sounds for them as well.

Looking forward to working with each of you!

Kristy 🐶

4 responses to “Puppy Selection Allie Litter

  1. Hi Kristy,

    Just to be clear…..Allie had 2 boys. Correct? Can you let me know what number I am at on the wait list. As you know I am interested in a little girl. Hang in there and THANKS FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING!!!! Wow, Be well, Stacy Mahlstedt


  2. Hi Kristy,

    When we spoke earlier, I had said we wouldn’t be interested in a F1b but as I read more about what that means, we would be happy with that as well. I just didn’t want that limitation to push us further down the list.

    Thanks for everything. Best, Shauna Patrick


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