Two Jesse Pups Go Home

Hi Everyone!

It has begun. The Jesse pups are heading home. Today, the blenheim girl with the most color went home and the round face girl went home! I’m excited for them to begin their new lives!

Most color girl! Congratulations!

Round face girl! Congratulations!

The sable/white boy goes home on Monday and the last blenheim girl with the kiss spot goes home next weekend. The final puppy, our little sable/white pirate girl is going to stick around for our accelerated program, and she will go home at 13 weeks old.

This will complete the Jesse litter, which means all of them have been matched to their forever homes.

Next we will move forward with the Scarlett litter. We are going to do things a little differently for matching the Scarlett puppies. Stay tuned for a blog post with ALL the details! If you’d like to be considered for any Scarlett puppy, please let me know. Right now, I believe I have just three names for eight puppies which means there are five still available!

More to come on Scarlett’s litter as well as pictures and new video! Have a fabulous weekend!