Some Changes in Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone!

If you been following along on FB and the blog you will have heard some talk about us changing up how we do puppy selection around here. I’m excited to try something new and I want to be sure everyone understands how everything works!
Puppy selection always seems to be quite frustrating for buyers and for me as well, so we are going to try to streamline the process. 
I will continue to post pictures and videos of each litter so people can see all the colors, genders, and personalities. I’ll do my best to get the puppies in front of you so you can see exactly what is available. 
If you see a puppy in a litter that you like, let us know ASAP!!  We want a list of names for each litter and we want it to be filled up and overflowing. We will take names all the way up to “Puppy Matching Day”.  
What is puppy matching day?  Each litter will have an assigned day (probably a Sunday) where we match all the puppies from that litter. That day will be dedicated to talking with every family interested in the particular litter. 
What I need from you…be available to talk on the phone that day if you are wanting a puppy from the litter. 
Let’s run through an example. Let’s say a litter has 4 puppies. Let’s also say I have 6 people on my waiting list that have said they are interested in that litter.  When the big day arrives, I will place those 6 names in waiting list order. I will begin calling each family in waiting list order. 
To continue with the example, I begin by calling family A. They are excited because they have first choice of the puppies and they take their first choice pup!  DONE!  That was easy and quick. I will take care of learning delivery details, timelines, etc, and wrap up most if not all details regarding getting that puppy home. 
Now on to family B. I call them. They also had their eye on the same puppy that family A just took, but they had a second choice and are happy to be matched with another puppy. DONE!  I get the details, set up delivery, and we are good to go!
Now on to family C. I call and am unable to reach anybody. This moment is critical!!  Please read this carefully because this is one of the biggest changes in this process. If I am unable to reach you on puppy matching day, I AM MOVING DOWN MY LIST TO THE NEXT NAME. Yes, you read that correctly, if nobody answers my call, I am going to the next person. 
So now I’m calling family D. They only wanted the puppy that family B took, so they decided to wait for a different litter. 
At this point, I’ll try family C again. Hopefully they pick up and we can move forward with matching a puppy to their family. If not, I will continue and now call family E. 
Family E is ecstatic that they even got called since there were only 4 puppies and they were family #5 on the list. They are open to taking any available puppy and we match another puppy to them. 
At this point, I call family C again and they answer. Thankfully they are flexible and they are matched with the last puppy in the litter. 
And the puppy matching day is complete!
Family F doesn’t get a call because all the puppies are matched, but they had been refreshing their web page as they followed along and saw the process unfold on our blog. 
As you can see, in the past, waiting for “family C” to connect, make a decision, or whatever, could take days and sometimes weeks, which resulted in frustration all around. 
I’m hoping that by dedicating one day to matching each litter will help this process go much more quickly and smoothly. 
Please let me know if you have any questions!
We have two names so far for Scarlett’s litter (and 8 puppies, so 6 still available). We are taking names!  I will post photos of her puppies, release date, and any other details in the next blog post. 
And one final thing…if you are on our waiting list but found a puppy somewhere else, please let us know that you need to be removed. Thank you!!