Emails, FB Messages, Comments on the Blog

Wow!! My inboxes were overflowing last night and this morning. I did my best to respond to everyone. If you reached out but didn’t hear back from me, please reach out again.

Also, please reach out via email or phone ONLY!! I find it very difficult to navigate and answer all the questions when they’re coming from so many directions. It’s also nearly impossible to keep any sense of order when I’m working off of several lists and sources. Please just send an email or call!! If you reach out on FB, I will likely respond but then ask you to continue the conversation via email.

Right now, I have all of the girls pending. I’ll post an update of availability once I hear back from everyone that emailed me yesterday and early this morning.

For those that aren’t ready now, or didn’t get a Jesse pup, we have two more litters on the ground. Scarlett has 8 puppies and Roxy has 3 puppies. This means there are still 11 more puppies to match in the next few weeks.

I’ll post a video of the Scarlett pups sometime today on FB and I’ll link it here in the blog as well.

Thanks for your patience as I navigate through all the emails, messages, and comments. The girls are pending now to:

Amy P sable/white girl

Mary C wide face girl

Nathan R Kiss spot girl

Amanda T most colorful girl

If you are one of the names above, let’s talk via phone conversation today after 3pm. We can also chat via email anytime today. I need decisions quickly as there are people behind you hoping they may still have a chance at a Jesse pup.



Kristy 🐶