Scarlett Pups Progress Report

Hi Everyone,

I trust you had a merry Christmas. Ours was simple, small, and cozy, and now today I’m back to talking to people about puppies.

We still have 3 puppies from the Scarlett litter that are available and you don’t have to be on the waiting list. They will see the vet this next Monday and will be ready to go home on Tuesday and later.

Here is another look!

Smallest sable/white girl is still available. She is spunky and fun!

This curly golden boy is ready to play!!

This solid sable boy is rich in color and is the largest pup in the litter. He is fun and playful too!

The golden girl is pending right at this moment and the other four pups were matched to their families on our Scarlett Puppy Matching day.

Please send us an email if you’re ready for a new Cavachon puppy. This is such an amazing breed in temperament, personality, non-shedding, and mostly non-barking qualities (I can’t say non-barking because all dogs do bark!).

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and stay tuned for info about Roxy’s litter.

I’m also planning to contact every person on my waiting list to see what your status is for a new puppy in 2020. There will be some upcoming changes on how I manage the waiting list, pricing, and we will continue with our new method for puppy selection.

Happy New Year to all!


One More For Today

Did you all know we have two adorable and small Bichon Frise puppies that are available?!

I don’t know if things get any cuter than this! The girl is on the left and the boy is on the right!



They are both characters with the boy just being full of “it”!! Here is a video of them playing. They are 12 weeks old and ready for their new hi es. Since they’ve already had their second shot, we would consider shipping these pups.

Email us to talk!


Roxy Litter Quick Look

Hi Everyone!

We will be matching the Roxy litter this coming week. Since there are just a couple names, I’ll be calling each person soon!

Since Kim E chose a Scarlett pup, there are just two names for three puppies. That means there is still one puppy available from this litter and maybe more if one of these families decides to go in another direction.

I’d love to hear from my waiting list as well.

Here is a quick look at the babies.

Now I can’t remember if the solid sable on the left is the boy or girl. There is one of each and the golden pup is a girl!

These puppies are ready January 7th and later. Send an email if you’re interested in adding your name to their list!


Last Friday we tried something new for puppy selection and it went perfectly! I decided that we would dedicate one day for puppy selection for the Scarlett litter and I cleared my schedule so I could call and talk to everyone interested all in one day.

After talking with about 6 families, we matched four of the Scarlett puppies and I loved how smoothly the whole process flowed. We were able to go over details, I closing puppy personalities, travel arrangements, payments, and what each buyer needed to do next to be ready for their new arrivals!

Another huge benefit to this process is that I now know exactly which puppies are still available. I updated the Scarlett blog post as the day progressed and it’s easy to see which 4 pups have homes and which 4 are still available. This has always been a problem in the past because I never really knew who wanted what and the process seemed to drag along for weeks. Now if someone new sends an email, I can be very specific in letting them know what we have available.

And speaking of available puppies, the solid sable and solid gold males from Scarlett are still available, and the solid gold and sable/white females are still available!

I am also planning to post the Roxy pups. Right now I have 3 pups from Roxy and just two names of people I retested, so we have space for at least one more name!

Thank you to everyone who chose a Scarlett pup! I’m excited for them to start heading home!

Happy Holidays to all!


Puppy Matching Day Scarlett’s Litter

Friday, December 20th is the big day!

It’s also our 27th wedding anniversary, but that’s another story!

I plan to call people on Friday beginning at 1pm. Right now I have 3 names that I will be calling. There are 8 puppies…do the math!

Here is the list for the Scarlett litter. The place on the main waiting list is noted next to each name. I will call Kim, then Tasha, then Bill. If anyone else adds their name, I’ll call them too.

We have space for at least 5 more families on this list.

Scarlett’s puppies are ready to go home on December 31st. They are F1b puppies. Their mom Scarlett is a Cavachon. Their dad is a Bichon Frise. They will be non-shedding and their coats will be wavy. Two of the boys have a tighter curl in their coats, which I will note below.

Here is a look at each pup. Please also see our Facebook page for videos of this litter.

Sable/White Female #1-CONGRATULATIONS!

Susan E.

Sable/White F #2 (smallest girl)-Available

Sable/White Female #3-CONGRATULATIONS

Bill & Jo


Barbara S

Golden Male, curlier-Available

Solid Sable Male-Available


Kim E & Family

Buff/White Male, curlier-CONGRATULATIONS!

Patti & Roger F

I will update this same blog post as puppies are matched to their families. Be sure to check back on this blog post to see the progress.

When we talk on the phone, I can go over more details about each pup as you decide.

Again, let me know if you’d like your name added to this litter list. You’ll need to send the $50 waiting list fee to get the process started.

Here is our main waiting list.

A note to those on it who are not interested in a Scarlett pup…please let me know if you’re still wanting a puppy from us. It feels odd to keep matching puppies to people not even on the list. I’d love to get an update on your timeline if we haven’t spoken for a while.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!


Some Changes in Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone!

If you been following along on FB and the blog you will have heard some talk about us changing up how we do puppy selection around here. I’m excited to try something new and I want to be sure everyone understands how everything works!
Puppy selection always seems to be quite frustrating for buyers and for me as well, so we are going to try to streamline the process. 
I will continue to post pictures and videos of each litter so people can see all the colors, genders, and personalities. I’ll do my best to get the puppies in front of you so you can see exactly what is available. 
If you see a puppy in a litter that you like, let us know ASAP!!  We want a list of names for each litter and we want it to be filled up and overflowing. We will take names all the way up to “Puppy Matching Day”.  
What is puppy matching day?  Each litter will have an assigned day (probably a Sunday) where we match all the puppies from that litter. That day will be dedicated to talking with every family interested in the particular litter. 
What I need from you…be available to talk on the phone that day if you are wanting a puppy from the litter. 
Let’s run through an example. Let’s say a litter has 4 puppies. Let’s also say I have 6 people on my waiting list that have said they are interested in that litter.  When the big day arrives, I will place those 6 names in waiting list order. I will begin calling each family in waiting list order. 
To continue with the example, I begin by calling family A. They are excited because they have first choice of the puppies and they take their first choice pup!  DONE!  That was easy and quick. I will take care of learning delivery details, timelines, etc, and wrap up most if not all details regarding getting that puppy home. 
Now on to family B. I call them. They also had their eye on the same puppy that family A just took, but they had a second choice and are happy to be matched with another puppy. DONE!  I get the details, set up delivery, and we are good to go!
Now on to family C. I call and am unable to reach anybody. This moment is critical!!  Please read this carefully because this is one of the biggest changes in this process. If I am unable to reach you on puppy matching day, I AM MOVING DOWN MY LIST TO THE NEXT NAME. Yes, you read that correctly, if nobody answers my call, I am going to the next person. 
So now I’m calling family D. They only wanted the puppy that family B took, so they decided to wait for a different litter. 
At this point, I’ll try family C again. Hopefully they pick up and we can move forward with matching a puppy to their family. If not, I will continue and now call family E. 
Family E is ecstatic that they even got called since there were only 4 puppies and they were family #5 on the list. They are open to taking any available puppy and we match another puppy to them. 
At this point, I call family C again and they answer. Thankfully they are flexible and they are matched with the last puppy in the litter. 
And the puppy matching day is complete!
Family F doesn’t get a call because all the puppies are matched, but they had been refreshing their web page as they followed along and saw the process unfold on our blog. 
As you can see, in the past, waiting for “family C” to connect, make a decision, or whatever, could take days and sometimes weeks, which resulted in frustration all around. 
I’m hoping that by dedicating one day to matching each litter will help this process go much more quickly and smoothly. 
Please let me know if you have any questions!
We have two names so far for Scarlett’s litter (and 8 puppies, so 6 still available). We are taking names!  I will post photos of her puppies, release date, and any other details in the next blog post. 
And one final thing…if you are on our waiting list but found a puppy somewhere else, please let us know that you need to be removed. Thank you!!

Two Jesse Pups Go Home

Hi Everyone!

It has begun. The Jesse pups are heading home. Today, the blenheim girl with the most color went home and the round face girl went home! I’m excited for them to begin their new lives!

Most color girl! Congratulations!

Round face girl! Congratulations!

The sable/white boy goes home on Monday and the last blenheim girl with the kiss spot goes home next weekend. The final puppy, our little sable/white pirate girl is going to stick around for our accelerated program, and she will go home at 13 weeks old.

This will complete the Jesse litter, which means all of them have been matched to their forever homes.

Next we will move forward with the Scarlett litter. We are going to do things a little differently for matching the Scarlett puppies. Stay tuned for a blog post with ALL the details! If you’d like to be considered for any Scarlett puppy, please let me know. Right now, I believe I have just three names for eight puppies which means there are five still available!

More to come on Scarlett’s litter as well as pictures and new video! Have a fabulous weekend!


Emails, FB Messages, Comments on the Blog

Wow!! My inboxes were overflowing last night and this morning. I did my best to respond to everyone. If you reached out but didn’t hear back from me, please reach out again.

Also, please reach out via email or phone ONLY!! I find it very difficult to navigate and answer all the questions when they’re coming from so many directions. It’s also nearly impossible to keep any sense of order when I’m working off of several lists and sources. Please just send an email or call!! If you reach out on FB, I will likely respond but then ask you to continue the conversation via email.

Right now, I have all of the girls pending. I’ll post an update of availability once I hear back from everyone that emailed me yesterday and early this morning.

For those that aren’t ready now, or didn’t get a Jesse pup, we have two more litters on the ground. Scarlett has 8 puppies and Roxy has 3 puppies. This means there are still 11 more puppies to match in the next few weeks.

I’ll post a video of the Scarlett pups sometime today on FB and I’ll link it here in the blog as well.

Thanks for your patience as I navigate through all the emails, messages, and comments. The girls are pending now to:

Amy P sable/white girl

Mary C wide face girl

Nathan R Kiss spot girl

Amanda T most colorful girl

If you are one of the names above, let’s talk via phone conversation today after 3pm. We can also chat via email anytime today. I need decisions quickly as there are people behind you hoping they may still have a chance at a Jesse pup.



Kristy 🐶