Cavachons and Cats

Many people wonder if Cavachons get along with cats. Well, Mickey Magoo and Ike (the cat) seem to be the best of friends. Thank you Janet (who is coming tomorrow to pick up her 2nd Silver Paw Cavachon) for sharing these photos. They are too cute together.



Ready Now

We are down to the last 2 puppies. Both are very outgoing and friendly. Both will do well in an active lifestyle! Both are current on shots and worming and both are ready to go home anytime.


This is a great little girl full of love and affection!


This is an active boy ready to be the center of attention, fearless and bold!

Email us for info. Two families will be blessed with these additions.

Available Puppy Update

After some changed minds and changed plans, the final 3 puppies that are available now to anyone are Chantel’s sable/white male, Roxy’s black/white female, and Penelope’s blenheim male. Email for more info on any of these puppies!!

Please send questions to the email instead of leaving a comment on this post. Thanks!


Here is an update from the family with the light gold female from Roxy’s litter!!

Hi Kristy!
We just want to thank you! Coco is the best behaved puppy! We are thrilled to have her and everyone has fallen in love! She loves sleeping on her back. So cute! Anyway.. Thanks again! šŸ™‚



And Then There Were 4…

The Solid Sable male from Abbey’s litter has just found a home!!

Puppies still available are:

Black/White Female, Roxy Litter…outgoing and friendly, fun and playful, super sweet and loving. Just a doll!!

Blenheim Male, Penelope Litter…busy, fearless, active, makes his presence known, will do well in a family on the go, lots of activity and interaction!

Golden Female Chantel Litter (pending)

Sable/White Male Chantel Litter (pending)

Technically just 2 puppies still available. This is it! Which pup will be last?!!!

Whose home will be blessed with these little personalities?