Here is an update from the family with the light gold female from Roxy’s litter!!

Hi Kristy!
We just want to thank you! Coco is the best behaved puppy! We are thrilled to have her and everyone has fallen in love! She loves sleeping on her back. So cute! Anyway.. Thanks again! 🙂



2 responses to “Coco

  1. Hi Kristy. When I saw this picture of Coco, I had to drop you a line. She looks so much like our Candi, who is now 2 yrs old. Our Candi is so smart that we are constantly amazed. We love our Candi so much, that I would never have imagined it could be so. I will send a picture of Candi to you as soon as I figure out how! Thanks so much! Regards, Janet Baker Sent from my iPad


  2. Our Kallie sleeps just like that. She is a real joy and we totally love having her in our family.
    Gwynn & Mark in California

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