Homeward Bound June 8-12, 2014

This week, 3 puppies went to their forever homes. Oh what a happy day for puppy and family!


Small sable/white female from Abbey’s litter.


Sable/White female from Chantel’s litter flew to Sacramento with my mom!


Black/White female from Roxy’s litter (raised by Paige)!!

Happy puppies, happy life!!

Puppy Selection Update

What a week! All but 5 puppies have been matched to their new homes, and there are just a couple people I have to check with on the wait list to see if they are interested, or want to wait for a future litter.

Puppies began going home this week and by the end of June, most will be in their forever homes!

The puppies that nobody has specifically asked about are these:

Larger golden female in Chantel’s litter

Both golden females in Roxy’s litter

Sable/White male with more white in Abbey’s litter

Tiny blenheim male in Penelope’s litter

A black/white female in Roxy’s litter may be available.

The light blenheim female in Roxy’s litter may be available

(The last two pups will possibly be selected by someone already on the waiting list)

Puppies are ready to go home in the next week, so if you see any that you like, send us an email and we can talk!!

Again, thank you to everyone who gives our puppies loving and caring homes!!