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I don’t have anything spectacular to say, really, but I wanted to just express how blessed I feel that there is a waiting list for our puppies.  I am really enjoying having less dogs over all, but it has posed a challenge in keeping enough puppies on the ground for the demand!  It’s a great problem to have.

We have 4 beautiful Bichon girls that were born last November, and we will be integrating them in with the male dogs this fall.  I’m excited for them to become mothers as they are all beautiful girls, and on the smaller side.  We have two 8 week old Bichon girls that we are also keeping so we can retire our 5-6 year old mothers on schedule.  Things are moving along quite nicely in this regard.

I have to say that I am so enjoying having running water in my nursery, which is right next to the area where the adult dogs are as well.  Being able to wash dog dishes, fill water dishes so conveniently is something I never want to live without again.  For 10 years, we didn’t have running water right in the same building as the dogs and had to utilize a huge water tank that had to be filled, or go out to the hose, which was not possible in the winter.  Now, with running water inside, everything is SO MUCH CLEANER, and I feel so much better about how things look.  I’m waiting for hubby to teach me how to use the spot hot water heater, and I will be able to give dog baths as well.

I am able to wash dogs beds daily in the washer and dryer, another addition this past spring, that I don’t want to live without ever again.  I would always cringe when I had to bring dirty dog beds, beds that had been birthed on, etc., into my personal washer and dryer.  It just seemed kinda icky, ya know?!  Now, everything can happen separately from the house, and I like it much better that way.

We had 3 pups go home this week.  Louis, whose travel story I will definitely have to tell, went to NYC last Thursday.  We miss him, and I cried as I walked out of the airport, but we did our job, and we did it well, and I’m very hopeful he will be everything the new family wanted.  Last night, the Bichon male started his journey home, and was introduced to his family early this morning.  They already love him, and I will be posting his update as soon as I get a photo of him and his new sister!  And finally, this afternoon, the other little sable/white female from Lilly’s litter went home.  She will have quite the story herself, as she is first going to Portland to stay for about 6 weeks while she gets all her proper shots, Rabies Vaccine, Micro chip, etc., as they prepare her to travel all the way to the country of Cypress, where she will find her forever home!  A brother, and mother are doing the legwork here in the US, and the sister will finally get her puppy in September!  This will be our 5th country ( including the USA) that we have puppies living in, and I hope that number continues to grow!

Still in the nursery, we have Sadie’s litter of black/white Cavachons that will all be going home next Sunday, the Tuesday after that, August 5th, and finally the last will be Phase 1 Accelerated and go home on September 1st.  They are a delightful litter, content to watch me work, and not make too much noise!  They all got their first shot today, and my handy new calendar in the nursery is definitely helping me keep track of everything!  I’ve had a calendar before, only it was on our personal calendar in the house, so if I went out and then forgot something, it wasn’t right there for me to look at.  Now, I have a calendar that has all the details, when shots are due, wormings, etc., and I’ve never been so organized!!

We also have Daisy’s litter of 3 sable/white Cavachon puppies.  One of the males is matched to his family, and the female is pending.  We are waiting to get a 4 week old weight so we can estimate the adult size.  If she’s going to be too big for the family deciding, she will become available to others on the wait list, and finally, to someone new that might come along:)  We also have the darker male that is still available, and these pups are just simply gorgeous, fat, and healthy!!  They are toddling off their bed now, and I hope they will find the litter box soon.  Their mother does a great job using the box, and that always helps the puppies learn what to do!

It has been hot this week, but we have a fan going, which keeps nice breeze in the dog area, so while the puppies don’t generally sleep in the normal heap, they are staying decently cool despite the weather.

The wait list is CURRENT on the website here, and we are expecting 3 new litters of Cavachons in the next 2 months.  Two of the mother/father pairs are listed in the Upcoming Litters section on the sidebar, but today I was checking bellies and noticed that Annie was looking pregnant, and she definitely is!  I’m not sure when she’s due, so I will be moving her to the nursery very soon, so puppies are born in the right area.  I will check her for milk tomorrow, and decide what to do based on what I find.

My youngest helped me deep clean the food and water dishes tonight, so I appreciate his help as the job can get tedious going back and forth and back and forth!  Tomorrow morning, I have to leave early for Big R, to buy more pine pellets.  We are completely OUT, which is unacceptable!!  I’d like to get them and get back before it’s time for the morning cleaning, but I also need dog food, and Costco doesn’t open till 10am, so I think I will have to use pine shavings for tomorrow’s  litter boxes, instead of pellets.  It’s a little messier because they kick them around easier because they are lighter, but it works, and I have plenty of them.  Tomorrow I also need to deep clean the main kennel, a big job that I will tackle in the morning before it gets hot!

I think that pretty much sums things up right now.

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