Cake and Leftovers

I’m afraid today was pretty typical as far as our food situation goes.  Today is the type of day I want to see less and less of in our home.  I fixed about 1/2 of a meal today, and people fended for themselves for the rest of it.  Everyone ate cake for breakfast, and for supper, I threw together the leftover Quinoa, a can of black beans rinsed, a can of corn rinsed, 4 Roma tomatoes chopped, a thick slice of red onion chopped, a hug dollop of mayonnaise, and half a bunch of cilantro chopped…mixed it all together and served it on some broken taco shells that served more as a tostado 1/2 than a taco.  I did warm the taco shells in the oven while I was throwing together the salad spread, which currently does not have a name.  I wanted my first kitchen post to report a grand recipe that I tried, which was delicious and amazing, so I was too embarrassed to actually take a picture of this loser supper, BUT it did taste good and nobody complained about it.  I’m sure I’ll do the salad again, and even serve it on real tostado shells, but try to fill out the meal with something else yummy too.

I did download the “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian” app on my iPad today and browsed around on that for a bit, and pulled out my muffin recipe book to make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins in the next couple of days.  I have several cans of pumpkin, leftover from grand ideas of making pumpkin pie for holidays, and I need to get it used up, and I also have a few chocolate chips left, out of a gigantic bag from Costco that need to be used.  I won’t buy that brand again, and will only stick with Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chips in the future.  The “off” brand was a lot cheaper, but now I know why.  They simply don’t taste as good as the Nestle chips.

I’m heading to Costco tomorrow and have a list ready (Nestle Chips are on it).  And good or bad, I’ll report on what we ate. 

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