Mrs. Santa Paws

What a fun trip to Seattle!!  A couple of days before Christmas, I went on a little road trip and delivered 9 puppies to happy families for early Christmas presents!  It’s always such a joy to meet everyone in person and the puppies did a great job traveling!  I hope this becomes a yearly tradition!



Congratulations Bill and mother!



Congratulations to my friend Jennifer.  I delivered this puppy for her!



Congratulations Michelle and family!  This is their second Silver Paw Shichon puppy!



Congratulations Susan and family!



Congratulations Margie and family!



Congratulations Patricia and family!



Congratulations Colleen and family!  This puppy shipped to New Hampshire!



Congratulations Karen and family!  This puppy shipped to Pennsylvania and this is their second Silver Paw Cavachon puppy!



Congratulations Elaina and family!  Their friend picked up their pup while they were still on vacation before Christmas!

I’m sorry this is a week late to post.  After this trip, I’ve been flat on my back in bed until yesterday.  Today is the first day I finally have some energy to get things done!  Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year too!

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