Christmas Puppies!!

Things have been hoppin here getting ready for the big delivery on Thursday.  We are heading to Seattle with 7-9 puppies!  I am really excited for the new families as the puppies are going to be wonderful additions to their households!

We still have a handful of puppies that are available for Christmas!  Contact us quick if you still want a puppy for Christmas.  It’s getting tricky now with shipping, but we might be able to squeeze something in.  Otherwise, we can always ship the day after Christmas!

The following puppies are still available to new homes:

3 Bichon Frise males…these boys are just to die for gorgeous, playful, loving, cuddly, and sweet!  They are using their UGO pretty well and just have the most delightful personalities!

2 Shichon males…these boys are really doing well with their UGO!  They’ve gone 48 hours with no misses, except for one little pee.  They are bouncy, playful, love to be held, and love getting our attention!

1 Cavachon female…maybe, I should know by tomorrow if there is one female available, or if they are all sold.

2 Cavachon males…it looks like Bobby & Peter are still available for adoption from Lilly’s Cavachon litter.  Just really nice puppies, going to be small in the 12-15 lb range, and playful and sweet!

There is still time to get one of these bundles of fur for Christmas, but you have to act fast!  Of course, they will be available after the holidays as well!  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to add one of these puppies to your family! 


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